tagup Registration: 

  1. Visit https://tagupsoftball.com/register/
  2. ‘Select your user type’
    1. Select ‘Team’
  3. ‘What kind of team are you?’
    1. Select ‘Travel/Club
  4. ‘Select your Account type’
    1. Select ‘Single Team’ if you are a head coach, or admin.
    2. If you are the owner of a club, and have several teams, select ‘Organization’. 
  5. Enter your E-mail Address
  6. Enter your Password
  7. Follow the prompts and instructions to complete your activation

Here is a helpful tutorial on how to register


Here is a helpful tutorial on how to add your Roster



If you have any questions regarding tagup, please contact them directly at support@tagup.com


Why should I register on tagup?

Top Gun Events uses tagupEMS, tagup’s Event Management Software.  Courtesy of TGE, every Club/Team will receive free access to tagupUMS, User Management System software.  This allows you to manage your Club/Team for rosters, profiles, schedules and communication.  All updates made on the software are dynamically updated to TGE. All teams who participate in an TGE event must be registered on tagup.

If we are on the teamFree plan from tagup, does our team still get highlight videos and social promotion?

Absolutely!  Every team is eligible for this, regardless of which subscription they are on

Does it cost money to register on tagup?

No, Top Gun Events has a partnership with tagup.  All Clubs, Teams and players will receive a free account.

If I update my roster on tagup, do I have to submit it again to Top Gun Events?

No!  All roster updates done on the tagupUMS software are dynamically updated to your tournament roster for Top Gun Events.

Do I have to continue to keep submitting my Insurance form for every tournament?

No.  You are only required to submit your Insurance form once.

Are we still required to upload our rosters for every event?

No.  Your roster is dynamically delivered to Top Gun Events on your behalf.

Does what Top Gun Events provides through tagup, include the exposure and recruiting tools tagup offers?

No.  These features are only available on a paid subscription.

Do we get the free team website and player websites included in this?

No.  Free Club/Team websites are only included with any paid subscription.