By: Trey Donovan

2024 Travel Team Preview: Wasco Diamonds 13u

The Wasco Diamonds 14u team is coming off a 2023 season that saw some exciting moments and the team becoming a finalist at the NAFA Mom’s Day Rock tournament. The team is coached by Jason Edwards, and he looks to continue the team’s resiliency in matches to always play tough.

While winning games is always a goal, Edwards main focus is developing a culture for his team and helping the team learn and grow both as players and people.

“Success is measured not only by wins and losses but by the growth and development of each player,” Edwards said. “Players are encouraged the push beyond their limits, embrace challenges, and strive for continuous improvement.”

With the 2024 season underway, we chatted with Edwards on his thoughts on the season.

Can you give some background information on your coaching staff and philosophies?

“With a background in sports management and a strong passion for youth development, I feel as if I step into this role as Head Coach for the team with a wealth of expertise,” Edwards said. “My coaching philosophy is centered on growth, character-building, and fostering the holistic development of young athletes.”

Edwards alongside assistant coach Kristyn Crawford have undertaken the role as educators for the team.

“Crawford brings a unique blend of expertise as both an educator and a coach. With a background in education and a passion for coaching, Kristyn has been an integral part of the coaching staff, dedicating herself to the development and success of the athletes since their 11u journey,” Edwards said. “Kristyn’s experience as a respected high school teacher translates seamlessly to the diamond, where she imparts valuable life lessons and fosters a culture of growth and excellence among the players.

What were some highlights from last season?

“In a hard-fought semi-final match at the NAFA Mom’s Day Rock tournament, the Wasco Diamonds faced off against the formidable Johnsons Creek Yellow Jackets. Through strategic gameplay, unwavering determination, and standout performances, the team secured a 1-0 win, advancing to the finals,” Edwards said. “Luci Campise’s well-placed bunt, executed with precision timing, emerged as the game-winning play that propelled the team to victory. Supported by the impeccable pitching of Addison Coulter and strong defensive prowess, the team shut down the Yellow Jackets’ offensive threats.”

Being a tough team to out was the name of the Wasco Diamonds game as they played another game that entered an international tiebreaker. A hit from Sienna Woodmancy drove in Aaliya Davis set the stage for the offense to score two more runs to win the game.

Can you discuss your team’s composition?


“Every player on our roster possesses the ability to excel in multiple positions, showcasing a level of skill and adaptability that sets us apart from the competition,” Edwards said.

That versatility is shown throughout the offensive lineup as they have three “sparkplug” players in Luciana Campise, Lillyana Crawford, and Sienna Woodmancy who are known for being clutch, get on-base, and are strategic on the basepaths.

Following them is the power of Addison Coulter and Taylor Zawadski, who hit towering shots but are adaptable at the plate. Rounding out the lineup is Elin Ludvigson and Alaina Will who are timely hitters that have played roles in winning moments more often than not.


“At the forefront of our pitching arsenal stands Addison Coulter, a dominant force on the mound known for her confidence and composure,” Edwards said.

Following Coulter in the rotation is Sky Ferrante, who relies more on finesse rather than power. Keeping hitters on their toes and inducing weak contact is the name of her game. Sophie Rothlisberger rounds out the rotation with her selflessness and dedication to the team while delivering clutch performances.

The rotation is caught by two anchors at catcher in Lillyana Crawford and Aayliah Davis who both have strong throwing arms and high work ethics. The infield is comprised of “defensive titans” in Taylor Zawadzki at third base, Luciana Campise at shortstop, and Sienna Woodmancy at second base.

The outfield of Elin Ludvigson, Alaina Will, and Madison Trent covers ground quickly and have anticipation and consistency on defense.

The team looks to be a tough out for any opponent in the 2024 season while focusing on developing on and off the field. Coach Edwards sees sport as a great teaching ground for many different things in life.

“I am dedicated to instilling values such as teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship in every player under his guidance, recognizing the invaluable opportunities for personal development that sports provide,” Edwards said.

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