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randy carter updated

Randy Carter

Director of Tournament Operations

Austin Mezzacasa

Umpire Development Coordinator

Devin Luce

Umpire Scheduling Coordinator

Regional Event Assignors

Kansas/KC Metro - Devin Luce
Nebraska - Jim Bewley
Louisville Slugger SC - Joe Bolen
Oklahoma/Arkansas - Dennisa Kerr
Missouri - Josh Stanley

At Top Gun Events we strive to foster a program that develops high level officials, drives teamwork between officials & teams, and is committed to push the boundaries to be an industry pioneer in officiating, recruitment,retention, support, training and advancement.

2024 Top Gun Invitational

At Top Gun Events we pride ourselves on providing high-level umpires and fostering camaraderie among the umpire community. To get involved in officiating Top Gun Events, please contact At Top Gun Events we pride ourselves on providing high-level umpires and fostering camaraderie among the umpire community. Welcome to the 2024 Top Gun Invitational tournament hosted in Kansas City. We look forward to having you join us in the KC Metro area to umpire one of the most competitive softball events in the country. The tournament will begin Thursday June 13th and run through Sunday June 16th with championship games concluding that afternoon.Officials will be expected to arrive Wednesday June 12th for our umpire banquet & meeting! Games will begin on Thursday, June 13th at8:00am. Game fees will be $65.00 per game and checks will be issued on the final day of the event. Umpires should plan on being at the event through the duration. Lodging will be covered by the tournament provider from Wednesday, June 12th – Sunday, June 16th. Officials who require lodging will be provided a $65 travel stipend to assist in expenditures. Meals provided at the complexes! Please respect that this event is for elite officials to work at an elite competition level. 40 fields to cover over 280+ of the best teams in the country hand selected for the event. It is very important that once you commit to this tournament, you honor that commitment.

2024 KC Summer Collegiate Umpire Camp

KEY INFO: Dates: Thursday June 13th – Sunday June 16th. Plan to arrive in KC for the umpire banquet & meeting Wednesday June 12th. Umpire Banquet: June 12th, 6pm Chicken N Pickle, Overland Park, KS Umpire Pay: $65.00 per game (up $5/game 2023)
Travel Pay: $65/traveling official Lodging: Provided Meals: Lunch and Dinner provided at the complexes! NCAA COLLEGIATE UMPIRE CAMP: Wednesday June 12th (Banquet) Thursday June 13th – Saturday June 15th (Evaluation games)

Look forward to seeing you in KC! For any questions or inquiries, contact: