Pool vs. Bracket Play Differentiations:

Pool Play Only
  • Teams may choose to bat 9-10-11 etc. up to your roster. May also use DP/Flex.
  • If Roster Batting, the courtesy runner is the last batter due up in the line-up. Ex: If the pitcher is the 5th hitter, the 4th hitter would be the courtesy, unless she was already on base. If she is on base, then the correct order would be 3, 2, 1 depending on who is not on base.
Bracket Play Only — PGF/NFHS RULES
  • Batting 9 or using DP/Flex are the only options.
  • Courtesy Runner must be an eligible sub off the bench.


In case of weather, please familiarize yourself with the Rainout Line. This will be our primary means of communication if we have to alter game play at any time due to weather. There are many ways you can stay updated:

1. Head to www.rainoutline.com and type Top Gun Events in the search bar to view status updates for all parks being used.
2. Subscribe to text alerts online.
3. Follow @TopGunEvents on Twitter. Updates automatically populate on our Twitter feed.
4. Call 913-243-3336 to listen to automated messages.
5. Download the Rainout Line app in the Android or Apple iTunes store.