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Introducing ORG DAY - Powered by Top Gun Events

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Join us for an Organization Day, the ultimate premier event to showcase the talent within your organization and empower each athlete with a comprehensive evaluation of their performance and skills. Our expertly crafted program includes Metrics Testing, Skill Evaluations, Data Analysis, Objective Reports, & Actionable Results.

Elevate Your Game

Metrics Testing
Precision measurements of various to highlight key performance indicators.
Skill Evaluations
Comprehensive assessments of offensive, defensive, pitching, and catching abilities.
Data Analysis
In-depth insights from collected scores and data.
Objective Reports
Detailed written evaluations highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.
Actionable Results
Practical recommendations to drive continuous improvement and future success.
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Empower your athletes with the knowledge and tools they need to reach their full potential by getting their certified Top Gun Scores at an ORG DAY.

For more information on our standardized metric testing operation, please see here

Evaluation Components

1. Skills & Drills (50% of overall evaluation)

Offense (100 points max)

Defense (100 points max)

Pitching (100 points max)

Catching (100 points max)

2. Metrics Assessment (50% of overall evaluation)

Each category is rated on a scale of 1-20 points based on performance relative to age and position standards:

  • Speed (Home to first base time)
  • Agility (5-10-5 shuttle run)
  • Throwing (velocity and accuracy)
  • Hitting (exit velocity, launch angle, contact rate)
  • Fielding (reaction time, range, hands)
  • Pitching (velocity, spin rate, movement)
  • Physical (strength, flexibility, body composition)

Top Gun Metrics Leaderboard

As players complete their metrics assessments, their results are immediately displayed on the Top Gun Metrics Leaderboard. This real-time leaderboard includes:

  • Player rankings for each metric category
  • Video clips of top performances
  • Position-specific comparisons
  • Age group breakdowns

The leaderboard is visible to all participants and coaches throughout the event, creating an exciting, competitive atmosphere and allowing players to see how they stack up against their peers.

Player Feedback and Reporting

Each player receives:

  1. Comprehensive metrics report with all measured data
  2. Written evaluation from Top Gun Certified Analysts, including strengths and areas for improvement
  3. Digital profile for sharing with college recruiters, including video highlights
  4. Personalized development plan based on evaluation results
  5. Custom generated playlists on their channel on tagup
  6. Rankings on both the Top Gun Metrics Leaderboard

Event Day Schedule (Example)

  • Check-in and warm-up
  • Metrics Assessment (with real-time leaderboard updates)
  • Lunch
  • Offense & Defense evaluations


  • Within 3 days: Comprehensive player reports and digital profiles delivered electronically
  • Within 3 days: Video highlights and custom generated playlists available on player’s tagup channel
  • Within 3 days: Top Gun Game Performance Leaderboard published with integrated video highlights
  • Ongoing: Support for players in understanding their results and improving their skills

Pricing and Value

Top Gun GAME offers exceptional value for aspiring college softball players:

Event Price: $199

This all-inclusive price covers:

  • Participation in the full-day event
  • Professional coaching and instruction from college coaches
  • Comprehensive metrics assessment with real-time leaderboard
  • Detailed player report and digital profile from Top Gun Certified Analysts
  • Custom video playlists on tagup channel
  • Rankings on Top Gun Metrics and Game Performance Leaderboards

Please note that price may vary based on key factors.
For more information or to inquire about customized pricing options, reach out to Paige at


Value Breakdown

  • Comprehensive talent evaluation by expert analysts: $100+ value
  • College coach instruction and exposure: Priceless
  • Metrics assessment with real-time leaderboard: $100+ value
  • Video highlights package and custom playlists: $150+ value
  • Leaderboard rankings with integrated video: $100+ value

Total Value: $450+ (not including priceless college coach exposure)


Bonus: Free tagupProspect Subscription

Every ORG DAY participant receives a free one-year subscription to tagupProspect, valued at $99.99.

tagupProspect benefits include:

  • Year-round access to your player profile and metrics
  • Tools for connecting with college recruiters
  • Regular tips and drills for skill improvement


Total Package Value: $550+ (plus priceless college coach exposure) for only $199

By combining our flagship Top Gun GAME event with a year of tagupProspect access, we’re providing aspiring college softball players with over $550 of tangible value, plus the priceless opportunity of college coach instruction and exposure, all for just $199. This package not only gives players a comprehensive evaluation and exposure opportunity but also supports their development and recruitment efforts throughout the year.

About Top Gun Events

Top Gun Events, a proud tagup Event Partner, is at the forefront of softball talent evaluation and development. Led by Robb Behymer, who has dedicated years to running the nation’s top softball tournaments, camps, and metrics events, Top Gun Events sets the standard for player assessment and growth. Our team of certified Top Gun Analysts includes industry professionals and former collegiate and professional athletes, ensuring that participants receive expert evaluation and guidance. Their extensive expertise and profound understanding of the game add immense value to the Org Day experience.

tagup's Role

tagup provides the next-level technology platform that powers ORG DAY. It’s important to note that tagup does not rank, review, or evaluate players or their performance. Instead, tagup’s advanced software enables professionals like Top Gun Events’ Certified Analysts to collect, analyze, and present data efficiently and accurately. This technology ensures that players receive the most comprehensive and objective evaluations possible, as well as innovative features like real-time leaderboards, custom video playlists, and integrated performance data on their tagup channel.

FREE, 1 year tagupProspect Subscription!
$99 value, courtesy of TGE and tagup.